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Welcome to Blood and Honor.

We are a Level 25 Guild that does it all.

We have an active Raid Schedule, we PvP, and support Toon Leveling / Questing!

Raid Rules

A raid will have a start time posted. In order to participate in any raid you must sign up for the Raid. Failing to sign up at least four-hours before Raid Start Time will reduce your chance of being selected. If you are not on at start time, your position may be filled, unless prior arrangements were made with raid leader.

  1. Please have Stat foods, Potions, Reagents, and be Repaired before summons.
  2. It is Imperative that you manage your Threat throughout the dungeon. The tanks have to be allowed to do their job so the raid can be a success. Give them a count or two before engaging the boss.
  3. Please try to understand that the raid leaders do the best they can. Do not criticize them or counter decisions / descriptions in open raid. Send them a message if you like or talk to them after the raid. We understand not everyone can know everything, but we also know nobody likes to be called out in front of a group of people.
  4. Be sure to pay full attention to the task your are assigned during a raid, if you are unable to perform that task please say so and we will assign someone else. 
  5. Be respectful to all your raid members as they are the people which will help you accomplish the raid.
  6. Ventrilo is REQUIRED. 

There are times when we have more people than spots. In that case, players may have to sit out from time to time. We will do this in a manner that most benefits the raid group and allows everyone an opportunity to participate.

These rules are very basic and really only require that the raid participant exercise some personal responsibility and understand that we are striving to advance as a group. Be prepared, show up on time, do your best to know the fights and please plan to be available for the entire raid.   

Loot Rules

When we get items in a Raid we strive for the advancement of the group. Winning a roll may not always mean you get the item. It may depend on the level of improvement the item will have for the group. You may be asked to link what you are replacing by the Raid Leader or another Officer. Please don't be offended as we are always trying to advance the Raid Group.
  • Roll if you need it. 
  • OS rolls follow and then DE for Guild Bank. 
  • Any time that a person improves in the group, the group benefits. 
  • Anything not rolled on will get DEed and then we will roll on the shards.
  • Runs for specific items will be declared ahead of time and who is receiving said item.
  • A piece of gear will not go to DE if someone can use it.
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